If you have following the smartphone industry, you have been noticed that the smartphone information and sometimes the complete phone gets leaked on the internet way before the actual launch of the phone or any reviewer can hold on the device. When I started looking at the news in the starting, I just wonder, are they this stupid that this much of information can be leaked just like that. As the time passed, almost every smartphone, whether being cheap or expensive, just started getting leaked.

The leaks of the smartphones are mostly true these days but sometimes these are fake, but not completely fake. As in some cases, we have multiple designs of the same phone, these can be fake but we can also expect that there are multiple designs of the phone that has been prepared by the companies to test them and get leaked altogether.
Some of the leaks are from the Which is the site on which imports and export of various smartphones from and to various countries are listed and can be seen by anyone? It is someone effort to keep an eye on the website and provide the information in any way they want.
Sometimes it can happen actually by accident. But that is a thing of the past. Now the leaks are done by the companies themselves or their PR (Public Relations) companies. So now the question arises why they do that with their own products?
One reason could be that they just want to create hype for their product. As we can see with the leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the new design just heated up the industry as it had the new design. That new design attracted many people and was able to book the customers giving them a peek at the device which, otherwise, could have moved to some other device, it being unknown. It’s just an example of the S8. Moreover, on leaking the device, it gets the attention of media like various websites and blogs, giving them free publicity. Other reason could be that they want to check the market response as in response of public and media for that particular phone and if there is a time in the launch of the particular device they can make any necessary changes or can change their marketing strategy or something else. But I think it hardly happens.
Proper officials of certain companies can also leak information on certain devices on social media and forums. But it can’t be called leaked, they can be called as teased.

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