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That’s not your fault obviously!! So what is a software update?? Companies keep on improving the software, adding new features, optimizing it and increasing security. These improvements are called the updates of the software and are sent to you over the air (OTA) and it is called OTA Software update. The arrival of the software update on your phone completely depends on your phone’s company, comprising of many reasons why it is not able to push OTA update to push to and for your phone.

One reason for that is that the company just doesn’t care about the update. The brand just wanted to launch the phone just for the heck of it. Taking an example of the Samsung’s portfolio in the budget segment we have seen a couple of variants of the Galaxy J7 like the J7 Nxt, these phones may get at most 1 or 2 updates but these phones are just to increase the company’s portfolio.
The other reason might be that the company doesn’t have enough resources to perform the development of software. As updating the software requires a lot of workforce and man-hours in R&D and optimizations which might some companies most likely the new ones don’t have. Or they don’t have that much of resources to look after every device every time they have in their bag.
The last reason, in this article, is due to the software or the UI. Which mostly happens if the software of the phone is custom than the case of stock ones. If you don’t know what the sock or custom UI is, there is an article just about the same, check it here!! If the software has custom UI then it is more difficult to optimize and develop the updates than the stock ones. If the brand doesn’t have the resources to develop the software then it won’t be able to push the OTA. Take the example of Lenovo, they were using Vibe UI previously which was very difficult for them to maintain that is why they just shifted to the stock UI for all their future phones.
So if you find yourself picky about the software and update just like me do research about the brand and their update policy before upgrading. And of course if budget is not a problem then you will choose Apple iPhone or the Google Pixel.

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