2017 was the year in which the smartphones encounter a major change in design and features if we are talking about the flagships which by the end of the year made their way to the mid-range phones, setting some trends and standards for this year’s phones. Today we going to discuss some of these for the mid-range phones.

The first thing that we will see in common in the phones will be the 18:9 displays. If you don’t know what are 18:9 displays there is an article just on that and also my experience with them is shared in the same. This started with last year’s Samsung flagships and then entered the midrange ones with the LG Q6 and Honor 7X. This year’s Honor 9 lite was also having the 18:9 display and even the Redmi Note 5 is also said to launch with the same. But the Nokia 6 (2018) is launched with the same 16:9 display, which may lack with respect to looks to other smartphones.
Dual cameras are also going to be a common site this year and most probably from the OEMs offering competitive pricing. And this may not be for the brands like Samsung or LG. However dual cameras were also present in the year before the previous one in the mid-range segment with the likes of the Honor 6X, but the last year the dual cameras have seen a boon in the budget segment like seen in the Moto G5s, Mi A1, Honor 7X, Honor 9i etc. And this year it is also expected that the dual camera will also continue to be in focus.
Next thing is the Face Unlock. While it has been present in the Android since the version Ice cream Sandwich and was removed in the KitKat or Lollipop as it was it was not well focused or praised. But last year Apple used the Face ID and it shifted the brands’ focus towards face as an unlocking measure. While these Android OEMs’ approach is different than Apple as they use only front camera and software apart from Apple which uses special hardware. And now we will see this Face Unlock being implemented on many phones.
USB Type-C is next one which won’t be present in most of the phones but we will see more phones using them. USB Type-C is the future as it offers more speed and is reversible. Last year’s Mi A1, the most famous mid-ranger has a USB Type-C port and also the Asus Zenfone 3 also has this. So this year we might see more companies leaning towards the USB Type-C over the micro USB port.
So these are some of the expectations for the mid-rangers that are shown by the trends of the industry.

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