Well, first of all, it is not a new trend. This Face unlock has been present, built-in, the Android OS till the Android version Jellybean or KitKat.  But by that time it was not much of a feature that was didn’t got much attention and no one even cared if it was present or not. So it was thrown out of the Android OS. But now it has been resurrected by different OEMs. But why?
This has happened because of the “trendsetter” – Apple. With the launch of iPhone X, Apple introduced the Face ID, which is quite an advanced technique of face unlock. Face ID uses special, hardware like IR blasters etc. to register a 3D scan of the face as password and uses the same to unlock the phone.
And history is proof, every brand has followed Apple, so why something new this time. Every other brand being it OnePlus, Honor and even Xiaomi has started giving their phone some kind of facial recognition even in their budget phones. While these brands can’t provide specialized hardware for the face unlock in that price segment, they have gone with the software version of that in which it just uses the front camera to capture a photo of your face and use it as a password. With the employment of AI and machine learning as mainstream fields, it is also being used in these face unlocks features.
A phone from Honor that is Honor view 10 has a feature that uses AI and your face as a password that when you are on the lock screen, full information of notifications will appear only if it scans your face as a password. That is such a thoughtful application of the feature. Well, that was off topic.
Another thing is that brands can market face unlock as a feature just as Apple does and media also covers it very well. And as it has become a trend, you are seeing and will be seeing this face unlock in new phones.

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