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For those who don’t know IGTV (Instagram TV) is the new app by Instagram as an alternative to Youtube. If you have using Instagram you know about stories, the stories are a video of about a few seconds. But on the IGTV you can upload a video of up to 10 minutes and for selected users up to 60 minutes.
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Now it is quite some time I have been watching IGTV, and I’ll tell you what I felt about it.
The first thing you will notice is that the video is vertical, means portrait orientation, means if you hold your phone vertical like you normally do then that is the video orientation, so not like a traditional video. Which at first looked appealing to me.
But then there are some videos which are made for the landscape mode or horizontal orientation. If that video is there, it is not worth watching. So special content has to be made by the creators. While it is the stories, so the videos were actual videos and the quality was super high.
Taking it further, when you open the app, there will always be a video playing, from the for you section which is like the YouTube homepage where you get videos according to your interest. There are also many sections similar to YouTube, like Following (subscriptions), Popular(Trending).
Coming back, there will always be a video playing, you cant stop it, you can only change the video and also if you have a good internet connection, it will stream on full quality. You can downgrade the quality as you can do on Youtube. So if you want to save some data. you can’t.
The channels that you will be following on IGTV will be the same people that you will be following on Instagram, that’s good integration in my opinion. Oh yeah, and they have named them “Channels” also. And you can search for them as well.
IGTV what it seems as of now is that Youtube is kinda like professional videography and uploading videos professionally, while on IGTV it is more of a personal sharing thingy. Like what the people you follow do in Instagram stories, it is the way of elaborating it.
Also, the vertical orientation gives a very casual vibe as you have when watching stories. The videos are shifted like that of stories. You don’t get that feeling a watching a video.
One thing that happens is that they can share more with the audience and connect with them better, which is the best thing I like about it. So if we think about it being an alternative to YouTube, I don’t think it can be anywhere there in near future, as a viewer.
Obviously, it is quite new and it will improve over time, and it will find creators to post content on it. But the basic idea won’t able to make it compete with YouTube. It can be a new genre in itself. It can be the new social hub and it can make the personal video sharing a thing for everyone. 
Like everyone just sharing a Facebook post just share a video of whats happening. It just the way, how people accept it and how Instagram takes it over.
Also if you want to post a video on IGTV and want to earn, there is no direct monetization available, you can earn only by brand deals etc, which will only happen if you have a good number of followers.
So that was my view as a viewer of videos on IGTV.

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