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Most of us love to listen to music. and if you have listened to a song quite a few times, you start singing along with that song. Sometimes it feels, that you want to sing it alone. But who shall play the music?
That’s where this app comes in. The app is StarMaker and is available on Play Store, don’t know about Apple as don’t have any apple device, not there is any web app for the App Store.
I found this app a few months ago, while randomly roaming on Play Store and downloaded it. The interface is good. The collection of songs is even better. You can English, Hindi and many regional songs on it.
The app is for you to sing. So select the song, play it. Headphones are recommended for this as headphones make this experience of a whole new level.
When you start a song, you won’t be hearing the lyrics, you will just be hearing the music of the song. And you have to sing. Means you are the singer now. Lyrics are also shown on the screen for you to sing.
A personalized scored is given based on your pitch, the timing of the lyrics, also your vocals. You can sing solo, in a collab, or in a chorus.
Your recording can also be shared in the community of the app if you think you are a good singer. You can also turn on the front camera to record you while you are singing. The shared ones are also ranked.
At first, after downloading, I waited so that I am alone in the house. The started the app and started to sing some song by Arijit Singh. And Oh My God! When I uttered the first word of the song, my voice gone directly into my ears, I realized I am such a bad singer. I was dead silent for a few seconds. 
As I was alone at the home, so I continued it. And finished the song. It was a great thing to do. If you are just like a bad singer like me, you can turn up the music volume and turn down your voice volume in the earphones, that way I felt a little less embarrassed.
But man, it was really fun to try. At first few times, I got C score and the next couple times, I got B score, but I never got beyond B. And just before writing this, I got D. I sang solo for obvious reasons.
The app is so fun, any song you thing on the app. Listening to songs can help relieve stress, but try to sing it, alone, not with the original.
You can’t just express the feeling of this until you make others try. So I made my friends and family members to try this app. Their reaction? They also loved it. And made me download the app on their phone.
I also looked at the top singers of the song, and they were amazing as you can expect that is why they are on top.
Even if you are not a good singer, man you should try this. It is a different but amazing experience.

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