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I am sure this would have happened to you. You have a ton of notifications in the notification bar on your phone and while clearing the non-useful one so, by mistake, you clear the ones important to you.

And also there is nothing you can do to get them back or even have a look to see actually what was it about. This is one of the most frustrating moments while doing something important. Well, need to worry any more because this app records all your notifications and save them.

The App is Notif log. You can download it from Play Store. Don’t know if the app is available on iOS or not. The app is fairly small in size, just 3.9 MB.

Notif Log
Notif Log

You can view the notifications that the Notif log app saves, in the Notif Log app itself or in, what it calls as, Floatie. This is a separate notification bar. In the below screenshot, you can see the yellow color showing in the top left part of the screen. Touch and swipe down that part of the screen and you will enter the Floatie, where you can view the saved notifications.

Floatie location - Notif Log
Floatie location – Notif Log

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You can change the position and width of the area which activated the Floatie. The position remains at the top but at left, center or right. You can pin any important notification at the top in the Floatie or in the App. You can rearrange the order of the notifications and also snooze them so that they show up at some particular time. Or you can exclude any app so that Notif Log doesn’t save the notifications of that app.

Settings - Notif Log
Settings – Notif Log


Notification Options - Notif Log
Notification Options – Notif Log

One of the features that I like is that the saved notifications do not get deleted even if you restart the phone. These are not just saved information or something like that, but they act as actual notifications, means you can enter the app by clicking the notification just like the actual or the real one.


There is one thing that annoys me in this app. Suppose you kept your phone charging and you know the charging percentage shows in the notifications. And when the charing percentage increases, Notif Log saves a notification. So suppose you put your phone on charge at 15 % and charged it to 100%, then it will save at least 86 notifications. this will increase if the charging percentage is not increased in the merge timeframe. You can understand it more in the next paragraph and in the following photo.

Similar Notification - Notif Log
Similar Notification – Notif Log

But you can solve this. There is an option in this app, by which notifications for an app are merged within a time frame. Means the notifications for a single app merge as one, for the time frame selected, and the latest one is shown. By default 7000 milliseconds or 7 seconds is the merge timeframe, means the if the notification status of app changes after 7 seconds, then it will show notifications saved of that app.


For this, you can change that time frame in the settings itself. But it will also affect other apps. One other option is to exclude the app from saving notifications. So, it won’t save any notification of that app any further.

Try this app and do let me know if it eased your experience or was just a waste of time.

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