Can Toothpaste remove scratches from the phone’s screen? I tested

Scratches are one of the most annoying things on a phone. How hard you try to protect it, the screen will catch some of them. Unless you have a screen applied to the screen, your phone will catch those. The sure shot solution is to replace the screen. But that’s quite expensive and, I guess none of us will do that for a scratched screen. So what else? The another least expensive solution is toothpaste.

You must have heard it somewhere, that applying toothpaste can remove scratches from the screen. I am no different. I have some minor and major scratches on the screen. So finally decided to test that and see if it works or not.


So, I searched the internet to know how to perform. So here are the steps that I got to now and used them.

Scratches At Present
Scratches At Present
  1. First of all, you need to clean the screen for any dust particles. Because dust particles are one of the main reason that you get scratches on the screen and when you rub the toothpaste you don’t want to get more scratches on the due to the dust particles.
  2. Next, take a clean cloth, or cotton ball and put a small amount of toothpaste on it. We will discuss more on that later.

    Toothpaste on cloth
    Toothpaste on cloth
  3. Rub the toothpaste, you had on the cloth, on the phone. Don’t rub with extra pressure but just like normally you would do. Cover all areas of the screen where you find scratches. Since scratches were all over my phone’s screen so I rubbed it all over the screen.

    Toothpaste applied on screen
    Toothpaste applied on the screen
  4. Let the toothpaste to dry on the screen. It took about 25 minutes, in my case, to dry.
  5. Take another clean cloth and damp it water. Damp the cloth at minimal with minimal water, and clean the screen off.

So these were the steps that I followed in my procedure. I was optimistic about the results. Let me tell you what I got. So let’s get straight to the……

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As much I was optimistic, that much disappointed I got after seeing the results. It didn’t work at all. I thought I have applied less toothpaste, so I performed all the steps again by applying more toothpaste. But still the same.

The Result
The Result

Now I would get a screen guard applied on my phone.

So why this is roaming around as a solution to the scratches?

Toothpaste is said to be a mild abrasive agent. So it can scratch off, the material around the scratch and make it look that the scratch is gone. But what it does actually is, it sort of plains the surface around the scratch up to the depth of the scratch and it looks the scratch is gone.

And this is true.

The toothpaste is helpful if the scratches are minor. The scratch is not deep. Ony then it will work. I have read both the cases on the internet where it worked and didn’t.

Where it worked, people said that the crash was very minor and where it didn’t the scratches were quite prominent.

So if the scratches on your screen seem minor, this can work for you and if your case is like mine, then buy a screen right now.

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