Use this App and mould the music your way

All of us love listening to music. Earphones plugged in and your favorite music playing. But still most of us can’t but the expensive earphones and headphones to listen to the best sounds. We have to try to get the best out of our basic earphones. So, this is where this app steps in. This app is Music Equalizer.

It is an Equalizer that works with every app on your phone. Every music will go through this app and you can alter the sound signature you want. Even you are watching videos say on YouTube or your phone’s video player, it can alter that sounds too.

Music Equalizer
Music Equalizer

You can download this app from the Play Store. I just found this app on Play store and tried it and from there on, there is no time when I haven’t used this app while listening to music. For the record, I use the Mi Earphones Basic with Mic, which I bought from Amazon India for Rs. 400. By the way review of the earphones is going live next Thursday.

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The 40 seconds video below will give you the idea of the interface and features.

The notification can be turned off in the settings. Many pre-defined settings are present. First I would like to talk about the Bass_Boost Mode. This mode does boost the bass but makes the vocals a bit muddy.

My favorite mode is the TrebleBoost mode. It makes just everything pops out. Everything sounds so clear. You can’t miss any sound in the music. This works perfectly on both the slow music and rock genres to which I have listened. In this made bass that comes is the necessary one. If you want more bass you can turn the knob of the bass present on the same screen.

The next mode I like was the Latin. Music also sounded great in this mode.

I am sure, you will love this app too. It just works. It is true that different earphones will sound great on various modes. So do try this and tell me which mode you like the most, will love to talk more on that. You can share your experience in the comments of this post or on our facebook or twitter post.


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