Probably the best earphones under Rs. 500

While I was looking earphones for myself, I didn’t want to spend much on it. It was difficult to find something good and also from a trusted brand. So finally decided to go with these Mi Earphones Basic. These are for Rs. 400 and bought it from Let’s look at what it offers.

Mi Earphones Basic Box
Mi Earphones Basic Box

The packing is the simplest you can imagine, a simple white box. The contents were the basic – just Mi Earphones Basic and 2 sets of extra earbuds.

The construction of the earplugs is metallic and the cable not so much to talk about, simple rubbery. Basically, the construction is right for the price. You can wear these Mi earphones Basic for long hours but in-between you will need to adjust the plugs in the ear but nothing to worry about. It the default earplugs are not suitable for you, you can try the extra sets provided.

Mi Earphones Basic Extra Ear Tips
Mi Earphones Basic Extra Ear Tips

The 3.5mm tip is angular so it will be helpful if you listen to music while using your phone while lying in the bed, that’s what I do. It also has a button for calls and music and works perfectly fine with the basic gestures. A mic is also present in it for calls.

Mi Earphones Basic
Mi Earphones Basic


The first thing I notice is that these are a little bit bass heavy – not heavy boom boom but still more than the usual. At the same time, the sound is a little bit muddy. If you listen to party and rock songs then you will enjoy it.

But if you listen to vocals or slow music. Then you won’t love them at first, just like me. So I used an Equalizer app. It reviewed it last week. I have also talked about the settings I use in that Equalizer app and loved the most. This just takes your experience to the new level.

You will be amazed by the sound you will get with what the earphones offer. Just Amazing. You will hear every sound, every little detail in the music you are listening to. There is no time when I havened enjoyed the music from these earphones. Sound level is also great. Altogether they provide some great immersive experience.

The other thing that I adore about these earphones is the Noise cancellation they provide, while the music is on. If you have ever traveled in a State Roadways bus, you know how much noise they create. I travel on one of the front seats of the buses, where the noise of the engine is the most.

And when the music is on they completely cut off the noise from the engines and the wind. I (and probably you too) enjoyed the music and the experience was similar to that if I was listening to music in a room. These Mi Earphones Basic proved to be a great travel partner. So great in that way too.


At last, I would like to say that if you planning to spend Rs. 250 on some other earphones, I would strongly recommend adding a little more go for these ones for just Rs. 400. A great package for the price it is available at. You won’t regret after spending Rs. 400 on this. You can buy these and Links are in the names itself.

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