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I myself have tried many wallpaper apps. Those wallpapers just felt like overdoing like sometimes just over artistic or super punchy colors. Then finally landed this app on Play Store. Amazing wallpapers that I like and I think you will like it too. I can say it is one of the best Wallpaper apps. This is the Wallpapers app from Google.

Download link of Play Store:

Wallpapers App From Google
Wallpapers App From Google

It has a variety of wallpapers from different categories being it seascape, landscape, city area etc. You can’t say that any wallpaper is bad. Beautiful colors, super high-quality images and I am sure you will love them. The interface is quite simple no extra useless options, just the app and what it is meant to do.

Here is a video showing briefly the interface and some of the vast variety it has. In the video, you might not able to see high quality because the video is compressed, to reduce its size. The video size itself is of less than MB.

Google Wallpapers UI

The App is just 2.3 MB in size and this is because it doesn’t come with all the wallpapers preinstalled. While you browse it will keep on loading a thumbnail preview and when you open the desired image it will then download the complete the wallpaper, as you can see in the video.

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There is also have a tab of your phone photos if you want to view at the same. You can set the wallpaper for both the lock screen and home screen at the same time. If not, select different wallpapers and set them for home and lock screen differently.

If you like a particular category of wallpapers, the then there is an option int he category itself to automatically change the wallpaper every day, but this requires internet which I don’t think any of the readers will have a problem about.

So that’s this week’s app recommendation. If you are finding a wallpaper app, then you must try these and hit me up on the blog post or on the facebook page about what you felt about the app. Eager to know your experiences.

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