Pop Up Cameras are getting in trend now

Mi Mix 3

Pop up camera sounded and looked something innovative when they first came up in Vivo Nex. It also was the first commercial phone to have that. This has made is more close to getting a complete and true bezel-less display. Not much later Vivo’s sister company brought a better looking, more innovative product, the Oppo Find X. The Oppo X was a next level thing, it raised the complete top of the phone to release the hardware.

As much as the products feel and seem different, they also generate the fear the failure. Having something mechanical, something moving in your phone can lead to wear and tear of the moving parts. We want our phones to last long but this thing has made out phone susceptible to failure.

If you have not seen JerryRigEverything’s video of Oppo Find X’s durability test, you should see it. In that, he also talks about his doubt about the long lasting of the motors that make pop up in both Oppo and Vivo. You can watch it below.

Due to all these reasons of failure and all that, it was kind of expected that no other brand will adopt this. Oppo and Vivo have lately been doing some innovation and it is just one of the experimental things. No other brand would add such a phone in their portfolio. But turns out, it wasn’t true.


Recently we got the news of phones from two brands – Honor and Xiaomi. They also have the pop-up cameras like that in the Oppo Find X. Obviously, pop up look soberer in Oppo Find X and a little techy in Vivo Nex, if you feel the same.

However, the phones are still not mainstream. The two new phones from the Honor and Xiaomi are of there innovative line, where they do new stuff. Let’s talk about them.

The Xiaomi Phone is the Mi Mix 3. This phone has been trying to reach the bezel-less style for two years but was not able to reach that. It had a big bottom bezel that houses the camera, which made the phone a little ugly, in my opinion. But this pop-up thing has made solved its problem. The camera is now hidden and we get a clean bezel-less look.

Mi Mix 3
Mi Mix 3

This photo has been posted by Xiaomi Officials on the Chinese blogging site, Weibo. Xiaomi Mi Mix series needed such kind of thing to get rid of the bottom chin. However, nothing else has been shared by the phone like specs etc but the phone is expected to launch sometime in October.

The phone from Honor is the Honor Magic 2. The phone was shown at the IFA 2018. Here is the image what is available. The Honor Magic was also something innovative for the company having 3D curved screen and design.

Honor Magic 2
Honor Magic 2

The phone wasn’t event properly announced. It was like a teaser of what they have in the pipeline. The phone will have the newly launched Kirin 980 SoC and they have added 15 layers of protection in the phone. Honor Magic 2 will come with 40W Magic Charging technology, which will be both fast and safe.

As discussed, none of these are their main stream phones, they are part of their innovative lineup. So we can now expect that other smaller brands like Lenovo etc can also come up with this. But I still don’t expect that brands like Samsung will use that. But you never know.


They are getting in trend for special line-up as much as water drop notch or just notches getting popular in mainstream phones. But later on, we still be needing something that is more reliable than mechanical things but still retains that bezel-less look. As I always say, technology develops, and in a few years, we might see the solution to it.

As these have a large pop-up mechanism, they might have the IR facial recognition technology. But nothing is confirmed yet.

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