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If we just look at the definition of what is a reflex, “A reflex, or reflex action, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.” Stimulus is the action you get from any of the five senses – listen, see, feel, smell and taste.

Looking at the general statistics, the average reaction time for humans is 250 milliseconds to a visual stimulus, 170 milliseconds to an audio stimulus and 150 milliseconds to a touch stimulus. This is the average some people have better, some have worse. If you want to check what’s yours reflex reaction time, you can do it with a simple app. This 3.4 MB app is, well, Reflex.

Download link: Play Store

Reflex App
Reflex App

This app is one of the apps that have the most simple UI. The following short video will let you go through the UI and one visual test of the app. The result in terms of milliseconds means the time after which you touched the screen when you received the stimulus.

There are three types of stimulus in the app. In the first one, you have to touch the screen after the color of the screen is changed green from red. The second one is of when you hear a sound and the third one is when you feel a vibration.

On every test screen, you can see your best score. You can also see mine in the video. Try it and tell me what’s your score. You can comment below here or let me know on the Facebook Page.

You can work on your reflexes and improve them continuously. My score was over 300 ms, I practiced and got it under 250 ms. To encourage you, the app has Achievements section, where you will unlock medals or trophies on your progress like I have got as you can see in the app. Don’t look at the leaderboard.

To improve the score, one needs to focus and indirectly, it can help to practice focusing.

So that was this week app. Do let me know what’s your reaction time.

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