Pop-ups vs Manual Sliders – Are manual sliders the future?

Honor Magic 2

When the Vivo Nex came out with a pop-up camera, it was pretty cool. Oppo took the next step with Oppo Find X and made the whole top to pop out. All this seemed futuristic and sort of the solution to the notch. But having something motorized always raise the threat of failure. Even after testing no one can tell when it can fail.

Oppo Find X Pop-Up
Oppo Find X Pop-Up                                                                                                                                                             TheVerge

They saw an early end due to this fear and no one else adopted it. One reason is that we got an evolutionary step to end both notch and motorized mechanism – Manual Sliders. Manual Sliders is not a new thing. Before Android, we had manual slider touch phones. In that when you slide the screen, the keyboard was revealed but slide the screen and cameras are revealed.

Honor Magic 2
Honor Magic 2                                                                                                                                                                      ZDNet

It was cool for Xiaomi and Honor to bring that technique into there phones – Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2. It is better as they will virtually never fail. The mechanism contains sliders and a couple of magnets to keep the screen in place before and after the slide. Moreover, I see this mechanism a little bit fast and it is almost immediate.

Mi Mix 3
Mi Mix 3

As for the future, it can be the choice. But it is highly unlikely that any big name like Samsung will adopt it. They just announced their notch design and won’t be jumping out to this. And the one who will use this, won’t be their mainstream devices, it might come as a special edition phone.

Honor Magic 2 Slider
Honor Magic 2 Slider                                                                                                  AA

I also doubt it will enter the midrange market. Because they provide sliders to put end to notch as notch was the only obstacle in the 100% screen to body ratio. In midrangers, where we have LCD displays, where we need to accommodate the LED backlit in the bezel, which we cannot place elsewhere as it is part of the display. What’s the need for a slider there?

Moreover, the cost factor comes in the place. Providing a notch costs and is less complicated than providing a sliding machanism.

Only time can tell if the manual slider gets a place for it in the future or gets overridden by any other technique or technology.

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