No More Spam Emails

We all love the internet. We use social media, watch videos, and browse the internet. While browsing that internet, you read articles and search for things. While landing on various sites, you might need to enter your email, whether it is for login, to download some stuff or to access things.

This leads to subscribing to useless newsletter emails, spam emails, useless offers that you simply don’t need. Every time your phone rings for notification, you reach it to see if something is important but it is just an email that offers nothing value. That is frustrating. Moreover, when you are in your inbox, it is filled with them and it gets sometimes difficult to find some important stuff.

But then comes this app. I find it on Play Store in search of some important app. I thought anyone like me who is frustrated with those emails will love this app. The name of the app is Cleanfox. The video below shows how the app looks and works.

Download the app from the Play Store.

It scans all the emails for all the newsletters and the emails. Then it shows three options – to delete it, to keep it and to delete and unsubscribe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show an option to unsubscribe but not to delete. Rest you can see in the video.

I have done it twice, one before and the other just now. Earlier when I did, it was a complete relief. I still browse so got some more newsletters subscribed so got to do it again.

One thing to note is that the app only scans only commercial emails so your personal and work emails are safe.

Anyone who is reading this and try this app, do let me know, do you like it and was it any use for you. I would love to hear that I was able to help you guys.

Do stick to the blog as it will keep posting other useful and fun apps every Sunday, but also do check the previous ones. Apart from the apps there also some more articles that you find worth reading.

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