The 2019 iPhone Design – Front and back

It’s quite early for this but we have got a leak for the design of one of the 2019 iPhones. It is by the leaker Onleaks and later done by another leaker Ice Universe of the front of the phone. Have a look below for yourself.

It is Bizarre. This is what the trendsetter team of 2017 has come up with. 2017 iPhone X was a source of design inspiration for brands for the rear dual camera and the infamous notch. This was also the phone which popularized the face unlock whether hardware-based or software.

Mate 20 Pro launched in 2018
Mate 20 Pro launched in 2018

First of all, it is already disappointing for me that Apple is using the triple camera setup. Seems like Apple is getting inspired by Huawei, for the triple camera and even their placement. With all this happening and decreasing sales and unnecessary increase in price, seems like Apple is losing its charm. However, we don’t know what their implementation for the triple camera is.

But if we still keep aside it copying Huawei, the design is till meh! The camera bump is more than twice than before and now seems feels like something hard hit had made a big bump on its head. Moreover, the sensor, LED light and microphone placement is unpleasantly unsymmetrical.

2019 iPhone Design Leak
2019 iPhone Design Leak

They could have made it vertical in the normal camera bump or anything differently else but they came up with this. But it was also made clear that this is not the final design. There are also other designs and it may change in the final product.  But still, this is one of the potential design of the team.

The Front

Talking about the front panel, there will still be a notch in 2019 iPhone as leaked by Ice Universe. It will move to a hole in the display. However, the size of the notch may reduce. The news is that the company AMS, which is an Australian company that supplies optical sensors for the Face ID, has developed a new sensor that can detect both visible and infrared light.

This sensor can be used to detect ambient and light and color and adjust the screen brightness and temperature of the display, which Apple calls as TrueTone display. The model no. of the sensor is TCS3701. This can also work as an proximity sensor when partnered with an IR projector.

These sensors will also make Apple able to put, proximity sensor, and light sensor under the display. Maybe an array of these sensors can make an in-display fingerprint reader if that’s possible. So maybe notch will be quite smaller this time and as leaked punch holes will be in 2020.

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