Innovating Laptops and TVs at CES 2019

CES stands of Consumer Electronic Show and it happens every year in Las Vegas and so is happening right now. In the Show, all the brands show their work and new inventions, developments in the electronics. If it is a smartphone, tablet, TV, Laptop, Washing Machine, or flying taxi it is all there.

But today I am going to tell you the Laptops and TVs that caught my eye. Also there also others as well that were an improvement over their previous generations. But we are discussing that ones which are new and innovating.

First, let’s talk


1. Dell Alienware Area 51M

Dell Alienware Area 51M
Dell Alienware Area 51M                                                                                             (Image Credit: IntellectDigest)

Even if you are not a gamer, you must be aware of the Dell Alienware gaming laptop series. Dell has stepped up their game. The big point of having a laptop is that you can’t upgrade the CPU or the GPU like in a dedicated desktop. Dell has changed that and the Alienware Area 51 M is the first laptop in which you can upgrade both CPU and GPU.

This uses the desktop like a socket to fit CPU, unlike soldering that happens in normal laptops. Upgrading CPU is simple. The story is not the same in the case of GPU. this one os using the NVIDIA RTX cards that are soldered on the Dell proprietary chip and that whole dell chip on which RTX GPU is soldered can be changed.

Dell itself is not confirmed for how long the GPU’s modularity will be supported. Down the road, if Footprint or the design of the GPU changes, Dell might not be able to provide the same upgrading option by using that proprietary chip.

One more thing is that it consumes a hell lot of power, the battery is not great and moreover to charge it, 2 AC power inputs are required. For the specs, it has a 17.3 inch IPS Full HD+ panel. The processor options with the device are 9th Gen Intel Core i7 8700 to Core i9 9900k. The display is available from 60 Hz to 144 Hz. The GPU options are NVIDIA GTX 2070 and 2080.

It will start selling from January 29 with a pricing of $2549 (₹1,77,000) for an upper model.

Despite all that problems, Dell is finally doing something new. Below is the video of Gadgets 360, in which they showed a detailed look of the laptop.

2. Asus ROG Mothership

Asus ROG Mothership
Asus ROG Mothership

This is also a gaming laptop but from the Asus ROG Series. The new thing in this is that when opened that keyboard will be detached and it will serve as an All-in-One. The common thing I see in both these laptops as they both are trying to enter the desktop territory. One is trying to provide upgradability like desktops and the other will become a desktop.

It serves as a portable gaming desktop. Anyway, the detached keyboard will be connected either via Bluetooth or USB Cable. Although you can always connect your gaming mechanical keyboard or mouse or both like anyway. It also has all the ports. The screen with all the hardware stands on a kickstand.

The screen is 17 inches with a refresh rate of 144 MHz and response time of 3ms.

This device is not even for every gamer but still for those who like to try something new. It offers a new innovation and a very different use case scenario. I am attaching a video from TheVerge inch which they give a detailed of the device.

Now it’s the


The TV space has a lot of offering varying from different sizes and resolutions like 8K but I going to tell that was different.

1. LG Signature OLED TV R

LG Signature OLED TV R

The R in the title stands for Rollable. The TV is 65″ and has a 4K resolution. The screen rolls down in a long box which encloses everything, chipset, ports, power management, and the soundbar. when you on the TV, the screen slides up in 8-10 seconds and when you shut it off, it rolls back down.

The screens move up and down with two lever arms fixed at both the sides of the screen. MKBHD noticed in its video, on the back of the screen there are small metal plates attached to the full length. This helps in achieving a firm position of the screen when it is out. I am attaching MHBHD’s video below for you to see.

The TV also has a mode where it is out by one-fourth or two-thirds, which is called Horizon line view. In this mode, it shows some basic stuff like weather, music, weather and can also show various scenes like fire, rain, ocean etc.

Like MKBHD said in his video if they could allow more aspect ratios like the 21:9 (regular resolution is 16:9), which would allow watching movies with no black bars.

All in all, there is nothing that is like this rollable technique unique nor I find it any of the regular use. But it is a great new technology and innovation what LG has brought. they also showed it at the CES 2018 but was it was not shown this proper and the tech was not this polished.

2. LG Crystal Sound and Crystal Display OLED TV

LG Crystal Sound TV
LG Crystal Sound TV

The screen size in this TV is 88 inch and the resolution is 8K. These are two TVs. First, let’s talk about Crystal Sound. In this TV, the sound comes from the screen. There are little transducers (motors) that work as speaker membrane and transmit sound to you.

There were previously TVs launched with his feature but this one has improved one. In this TV there are 5 transducers placed at different positions behind the screen. Which what does is provide Dolby Atmos kind of effect to transmit the sound from that portion of the display on which the sound producing figure is there. This is great.

To add more that is also a sound bar at the bottom of the TV to add more sound. So the sound comes from both the screen and the soundbar.

The next is Crystal Display, the main highlight of this is that the response time of this is 3.5 ms down from 6 ms on normal OLED. LG says this is software. So maybe can be ported to other TVs as well. Higher refresh rate offers better transitions when the object in the screen is fast moving. So it will great to watch sports, car racing and play racing or action games.

3. LG Transparent TVs

Other TVs that LG shoes were Curved TVs. They were curved convex and concave along the length and width. They also showcased transparent TVs. These Transparent TVs were 40 % transparent when off. This is also OLED. The thing with OLEDs is that they are natively transparent and for regular a reflective back plate is added to it. So if no backplate is there, it is reflective. LG has also showcased transparent TVs in CES 2018.

I am attaching a video where you will be able to see all the new LG TVs at CES 2019.

4. Samsung MicroLED modular TV -The Wall

Samsung 75 inch microLED TV- The Wall
Samsung 75 inch microLED TV- The Wall

This TV was shown at CES 2018. But now it is more refined and more practical. This is a modular TV. It consists of small square microLED panels of 5-6 inch side. at CES 2018 the wall was of 146″ but this time Samsung has shown the 75-inch version as the base variant and the larger 219″ display. The display is 4K.

This consists of two parts one backplate that sticks to the wall and then the actual screen sticks to the back plate. When the TV is on anybody can’t tell that this TV consists of small screen joined together, there are bezels.

This TV is actually modular. You can join these small modules, the small screen anyway, any size and make a bigger screen. This will start to ship this year. Samsung hasn’t told that whether we will be able to buy a single small panel or not.

Talking a little about microLED, this is a new type of display. If we compare it with the OLED screen and consider each pixel, in OLED display each pixel is like an LED bulb, emitting one light and in microLED, each pixel consists of 3 sub-pixels of red, Blue and Green color.

MicroLED produces the same and sometimes better picture quality than OLED but removes the drawbacks of OLED like screen-burn and shorter life. The mocroLED tech has also made Samsung able to pack the pixels really close. SO they can go really small and really big. While the OLED also offered size constraints.

So that is the list of the TVs and laptops that interested me the most.

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