Skip Ads automatically on YouTube

We all love to watch YouTube. When watching YouTube, the thing I personally hate are those skippable ads where you have to skip those ads manually. I found a solution on the play store. The app is called Skip Ads.

Skip Ad on YouTube
Skip Ad on YouTube

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The name tells the purpose itself. When 5 seconds are over, the app is skipped automatically. You have to grant the Accessibility permission for one time and then you are good to go.

It just works. In my time of testing of a week, this app never failed. You won’t have to check it anytime further. You will even forget that the app is on your phone.

Apart from it even tracks you YouTube view time, the number of times you opened YouTube and number of apps skipped. The app is verified by Play Protect meanings the app is safe, so no issues there.

Check the video below to get a detailed look at the app.

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