Nokia, Learning from the Mistakes

Since the resurrection in 2017, Nokia is doing good work. Their phones may not be the best one but they are fulfilling their commitments and bringing the latest in the era.


I think it is one of the learning that HMD Global had seeing what caused the fall of Nokia. If you also don’t know what caused it. In my looking at various posts on it, I make that it was both Hardware and Software.

Nokia was a market leader before 2007. More than half of the phones selling were of Nokia. But In the age of smartphones with a touch screen from Apple and other brands (partnering with Google for Android) starting 2007, they were still providing keypad phones. They didn’t see what’s coming. That was the hardware part.

And when Nokia realized that they are going wrong, and they need a smarter OS and Symbian wasn’t smart enough, they turned to Windows. This was the mistake of their software part. Lack of apps and decreasing market share, Windows Mobile was a flop. If they would have gone with Android they would have kept the place of the market leader.

Nokia did lose customers but what they didn’t lose was their trust. And this trust has made Nokia, under HMD Global, to make remarkable success and growth in a matter of months.

To solve the software problem, Nokia partnered with Google for Android and this is the best thing they could have done. The software of all the Nokia phones is Stock Android the phones under the Android One Program. With the stock Android, the market was already theirs and to be under Android one programme diminishes their regular update issue, which is a great deal in itself.

In the field of hardware, they are also not behind. The build quality is one of the best. They may be not the best in specs but are not lagging also. HMD Global is also being proactive in design and keep playing in between the trend. For example, 2018 was the year of notches and the Nokia phones come with the notch. And now as punch holes will start to get in trend, Nokia is all geared up as rumors are that the Nokia 6.2 will have the punch hole camera.

Nokia 6 series is important for Nokia as this is the series by which they restarted and every year this is the series that gets launched first.

So that was it, if you have read this far do let me know how was it and would you like to add anything.

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