Recipe of a Successful Smartphone Brand

Successful smartphone brand recipe

In the past couple of years, we have seen smartphone brands to take the industry by storm. Their products have crossed our expectations whether in terms of price, features or any other. And most were not One-Hit-Wonders and are quite successful. In all these brands, there are some common traits that you can see.

Smartphone Brand Names
Smartphone Brand Names

All of them offer great products. It is obvious right, they are in business, they have to sell some product. The product is a smartphone and it has to be good. It is good if it offers some kind of value to the customer, whether in terms of features or an overall device.

Here the thing gets divided into two parts – one being price conscious and the other one being product conscious. On the price conscious, it gets the brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Asus. They operate in the budget category. It not like they don’t concentrate on the product but they have to nail the pricing. All the budget segment is all about pricing the product right.

And they all are doing great that is why they are stable in the market and are selling millions of phones across their portfolio in a matter of some sales, which counts as a success.

The product conscious category comes with brands like Samsung, Apple. These are well established who have made to the mark of premiums which don’t bother about pricing but have to get the product right. That is why you can see phones from these brands are getting expensive but also getting better.

The reality of the brand is tested after the products have been sold. It is not just service, it is being present. One brand is would like to tell you about Coolpad. If you don’t about Coolpad, that’s what I am trying to say. If you don’t know the brand how will you purchase the phone? And if you about Coolpad, you know that it just shows itself once in a lifetime with news of some phone launch.

You have to make yourself visible, may be due to some new phone info leak, interacting with the customer, listening to their problem and solving it. Take an example of any of the brand like Xiaomi, Realme, Asus, OnePlus. They are always in a headline whether it is news of a simple software update or any news of the new phone info leak.

Take any established brand, you find them in a similar position. How long have you been seeing the leaks of Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and the leaks of iPhone XI are already whose launch is more than two quarters away. I think you got my point.

Apart from this Advertising plays a major role. Apparently, it is the first step. Advertising also has taken a new level known as social media marketing. We all know this type like targeted advertising using Socia Media like YouTube. Giving phones to YouTube reviewers is like the most effective way to spread the word to all the phone fans, which will, in turn, do the job of advertising through word of mouth.

This is an ad on and kind of more effective way of doing advertising than normal TV and Bill Board ads. You can see the budget brands like Xiaomi, Asus etc do the Socia Media Marketing. If the product is good, then YouTube will help them reach the skies.

So that was it, if you have read till now do lw mw know in the comments how was it and if you would like to change or add anything.

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