Beware of the fake on the internet

The Internet is still full of fake things. With WhatsApp and others trying to cope with it, there are still things that they can’t control. So it is the duty of the common people like us to know what is actually authentic.


Fake news on social media or on any other platform ranges from outdated news, false threating like some satellite is crossing don’t put your phone near you, religious one leading to mob-lynching, the ones used by politicians for the electoral and political advantage.

The spreading of fake news via social media is still not sorted out. It is not just India, it is the whole world. Because of it, recently, WhatsApp upscaled their feature of 5 forwards to every other country. But still, there are those 5 forwards. It is our responsibility to check the news. WhatsApp laid some guidelines, some months ago and we should not forget that. This summarizes all the possible things one can do to confirm the news.

Fake News on the Internet
Fake News on the Internet

This is not any small problem. Microsoft has also started to cope with it using its Edge browser and also facebook has fastened belts for it. But still, this is AI and it does not have the common sense that of a human brain. So we can’t expect it to completely take care of it. We should get our brains to work to know the truth.

The Fakeness on the internet doesn’t keep itself to the news. Recently news also came on the internet that a Malware Researcher Lukas Stefanco has found 15 Apps that are GPS Navigation Apps but instead of posing any value they just use Google maps or just open the Google maps. Google uses Play Protect to discard the apps that are malicious.

Fake GPS Apps on Twitter by Lukas Stefanko

But these are not malicious these are just to display ads or earn money for the task that you can use for free and is present on your phone form the starting. Also, I saw one of the apps has a 4.4 rating. So it again comes to us to inspect. It is true that we can’t be tracking all the time but still, we can be aware of what we see.

A thing we see on wrong websites which we might land while browsing on the internet is the flash messages which says that your phone or PC has virus attack or something like that. It is completely fake, no website has such access to your phone to detect that. You don’t need to do anything, don’t install anything, call or pay anyone. Just hit back or close that tab. You will be fine and won’t need to worry anything.

Fake Virus message on Phone while on Malicious Website
Fake Virus message on the Phone while on Malicious Website

So for all this, it was just to tell you to be aware of the things you do on the internet.

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