My Favorite Foldable Phone

A lot of foldable phones are about to come. The Royole FlexPai is already out. Samsung and Xiaomi have showcased their own and LG & Huawei are also in the line.

Foldable Device
Foldable Device

These are still first generation products that have a way to go but they are still amazing. All of us might already have an eye of what is on the top of the list amongst all those. I also do.

Couple days back I could easily say, my favorite one is Xiaomi’s. The dual foldable design, when folded provides a clear and symmetrical look at the front, was on my list. It has a weird aspect ratio which I can live with. The only con I can see myself experiencing is the screen all around which is kind of a bummer for me personally.

Xiaomi's Foldable Phone
Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone

But like I said it was a couple of days back. Now my favorite one is that which is leaked int he Samsung’s video. And I think most of you will agree with me. The first thing is it closes with the screen in and has a separate screen for the regular phone. I personally love this approach.

The first that Samsung showed earlier has very big bezels but the leaked one is just fine. It offers the same symmetric design and fell like that of a normal phone and a proper tablet when opened.

Samsung's leaked Foldable Phone
Samsung’s leaked Foldable Phone

I can imagine, the phone sitting beside me and looking like just a phone with a frame housing a screen just at the front of the phone and not a futuristic phone prototype with a flowing display. That’s just me.

The aspect ratio of the front is not yet known as they have to keep that ratio which compliments both the normal and tablet screen. Unless if they keep 18:9 screen than the tablet screen will be near to the 18:18 screen (on opening). This is like 1:1 which is not good for many tasks.

However, that was my thoughts about my favorite foldable phone or maybe what I would like it to be for me. This was just for me and not what the best. Do let me know what are the standards of your favorite folding phone? Let’s start an interesting conversation.

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