How helpful are the spectacles with Blue cut lenses?

Spectacles Reflecting Blue Light From Tube

Earlier on the blog, we have talked about the Blue Light filters that you can use on your phone or your laptop. Now we talking about a step further and talk about the hardware solutions for protecting your eye. We are talking about Blue Cut spectacles.

Blue Light Illustration
Blue Light Illustration

Personally, I feel these spectacles as more reliable and satisfying than the blue light filters the software solution. Although, the specs are not always in your reach like sometimes you don’t want to get up to pick up the specs. So, in that case, the software filter is your way to go. But whenever I can I will prefer the specs over the blue light filter.

I see the Blue light filter is a temporary solution like when I am about to see the phone last at the night when the lights are off. That time I won’t use specs just because of convenience.

But why do you need a thing like that?


It is true that not everybody needs the blue light specs. But the one, who spends a lot of time and sit in front of a computer or a phone for whatsoever reason, maybe work or games or movies, should have that. The simple reason is the excess of the Blue light that these screens emit.

Although, the lights that we have like LEDs also emit blue light. But that can said to be equal to the light from the sun, that is not present in the room. The use of these gadgets which have the screens that emit much of blue light in excess, need to be cut off.

This blue light has the tendency to damage the retina of the eye and ultimately blindness. This is the thing that every article on the topic of Blue Light says. But, you need not worry as you need to cut the excess, means from your devices, if you are a hard-core computer or smartphone user.


You can think about what would be the basic function of such spectacles? It is to reflect the blue light part of the light reaching you. The photo below shows you the visible proof, of it, reflecting the blue light. As you can see it is reflecting the blue light from the light of an Electric light Tube.

Spectacles Reflecting Blue Light From Tube
Spectacles Reflecting Blue Light From Tube

This reflected blue light won’t reach you. As you have seen that it does reflect the blue light, now I would like to show you how it will look when you actually use a computer screen. In this photo, I have used the white background of the MS Paint Application.

Color difference in Real Usage
Color difference in Real Usage

As you can see that, the portion which you can see through the lenses is slightly yellowish compared to the rest which you see directly. Thus affecting the light reaching your eye. It is clear that the color difference that you receive is not much. So for day to day tasks, it won’t offer some serious color problems.

You won’t even notice the difference after some time. But your eyes will, they won’t feel strained even after long usage of your gadegts. Unless you are doing some color sensitive tasks like color correcting a photo, this will pose no issues.


In the end, I would like to say that, you should take care of your eyes, which are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It is your duty to protect them. Apart from wearing these spectacles also remove your eyes from the screens and focus on some far object, to let your eye muscles flex. Unless it can cause short-sightedness.

If it is an overcast day, the blue light outside is 30 times the normal day. So you should wear sunglasses at that time. It is not about anything style, it is also a necessity.

You can but from in India, if you want the best quality. But this quality comes expensive. So you can try local shops for some quality product. For the price difference, there won’t be much difference in the quality.

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