Mi A3 vs Realme 5 Pro – Which one and why should you buy

Realme 5 pro vs Mi A3

Both are new launches and are capable offerings. There is a price gap of Rs. 1000 between both of them. So should you spend that amount extra or save it? Let’s have a look at it and help you decide with just to the point and quick answers.

Why choose Realme 5 Pro?

Realme 5 Pro

For the short and simple answer, if you want the best at the point and you don’t care about anything or don’t have any demands, but just wants the best, then this is the device for you to go for. You should spend the extra Rs. 1000.

Large display, nice resolution, big battery, fast charging, best quad-camera for the price – this is an all-rounder combo.

Why choose Mi A3?

Mi A3

Mi A3 is an Android One device. The reasons to chose this is the software (and updates), AMOLED screen, under-display fingerprint scanner. Camera is also good in this one. The battery is big but the charging speed is comparatively low (not bad). The only downside is the lower screen resolution.

The screen size is also small. This also makes this device compact. If you are looking for a compact device (like me), then this might be your next device. I am willing to do the trade-off for the screen resolution fro the benefits mentioned above.

So that was a short, quick and to the point description of what you need to choose between the two new marvels of the industry.

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