Nubia Alpha is a Great Device If Not Considered a ‘Smartphone’

Nubia Alpha

Nubia Alpha is one and the only device that focusses on the smartwatch category and pushes the boundaries of a smartwatch. Mostly the focus was on phones, on how to make them better and how to push their boundaries. But Nubia Alpha showed that a smartwatch has a lot of room for innovation also.

Nubia Alpha
Nubia Alpha                                                                                                                                                        Photo Credit: AndroidPit

Nubia also uses the same thing, that phones are using to have the next big thing – flexible displays. Around 45% of the length of the watch that wraps around the display, is a display. It has to be flexible so it needed to have an OLED display.

This thing solves a big unsaid issue in smartwatches – small display. With its 4 inches long display, it gives a lot more room to content and supports large icons and more touch area. The display is probably the thing, that this watch shows off.

Since the display is quite large, you can also consume media on the watch. Since strap can’t be too wide, the display is in 5:1 aspect ratio. If you don’t want to touch, it supports air gestures for navigation, which works in most of the cases.

Since the display will be curved, you can move around the content with the touch or gesture so that you can view it from any angle. You can also send text messages with the T9 keyboard or voice dictation.

It has a camera, which can do the regular camera stuff. It has a 500 mAh battery which can provide 48 hours of standby time. The watch will come in both a Bluetooth only version to connect to a phone and an eSIM version for standalone use. I am embedding a video from Gadgets 360 YouTube channel, which shows a quick hands-on video of the device.

But Nubia wants you to call it a smartphone. It is true that it is quite more than what we are used to seeing as a traditional smartwatch but it is quite far than anywhere being a smartphone. A smartphone is more than a display and a camera. Likewise, I mentioned in one of the previous articles.

It does do things like a phone, as seen in the video, but there is still a significant gap between this gadget and a phone replaceable one.

So if we only see it as a watch, it has moved in a different direction, which is actually good. It, in some ways, lays the foundation of what future smartwatches can be.

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